EXCELLENT RESULTS! My take plus a few tips…

To be clear, I am providing a review for the Grizzly Mountain “Brown” color which differs from dark brown in some ingredients. I am extremely happy with the Brown as I obtained the exact results I wanted. For the second half of this review I felt compelled to share the details of my application that I believe can be a big help for others.

First to describe my beard – Currently it relatively short, about 10mm. My natural born color is a medium brown, however in the last couple years I have scattered whitish gray mixed about and the front of my chin has faded to almost white. Since I had a reaction to JFM years ago which I used when I first noticed the grays, I stopped with color and once I went to white on my chin, killed the beard and never skipped shaving beyond a couple days of stubble.

Over the last couple of years I have kept an eye out for a natural dye that wouldn’t stain my skin or turn my beard red (tried regular “brown” henna cream and that was NOT a natural look). Then I came across Grizzly Mountain Brown Beard Dye and decided to take a shot. As of now, I have used the product twice over the last 3 weeks. And well – It looks perfectly natural as in “excellently” natural! The whitish gray on my chin turned a medium sandy blonde. The rest of my face matches up quite well to my original natural color. The best part – nobody, I mean absolutely NOBODY noticed I used any dye or color. The Grizzly Mt. takes the grays out of the equation and leaves a beautiful blend of brown and sandy blonde that looks great and restores my beard to a youthful and most importantly NATURAL appearance. Besides the reactions from chemical dyes, I think they can look absolutely ridiculous if the results are too dark or uniform in appearance.

I have read reviews from some guys that are disappointed with the results and I truly believe application method is crucial to get great results – so please read on if you want to give this product the best shot. One important thing to understand is that this product is natural and can’t break down hair to infuse color with harsh chemicals like JFM, etc. So to avoid stripping the color at the time of application I use a gentle cleanser that is free of alcohol or sodium laureth sulfate. Next, I pat my face dry and mix the dye with HOT tap water (as stated in the instructions) in a PLASTIC bowl and stir it with a PLASTIC spoon. Keep in mind that metal can and will interfere with many plant-based dyes. Finally I use the brush provided and gently “slather” (love that word) it on my face starting with my chin since it is the lightest and apply it to the whole beard except the mustache area for the first 10 minutes (my moustache is naturally darker than the rest of my beard). After 10 minutes, I finally add the mixture to my moustache area for to set for the last 5 minutes equalling a total of 15 minutes time. (You may wish to go 30 minutes depending on your needs). To remove the goop, I use the plastic spoon handle to gently rake downwards and push the excess goop from my face and into the sink. Then I hit the shower and use luke warm water and cleanser to gently, but thoroughly wash/rinse away the mixture from my skin. I do not “scrub”, but instead gently massage the skin below my beard with my fingers while running the shower over all areas to be sure it is completely rinsed from the hair and skin. (Please note that any left over dye will sit on your skin and in some cases may cause irritation if you apply strong skin products (i.e. acne gels, etc.). Finally, I pat my face dry and see immediate light brown results with a bit of greenish tint from the dye (completely normal). Within 2-3 hours the greenish tone is completely gone and it looks GREAT! Over the next 12-24 hours it goes a bit darker. Handy tip: Do this at bedtime and come morning no worries about green. Also just to note, the dye leaves a slightly “earthy” smell after application. I personally take no issue with it. Upon the morning shower I use a scented conditioner on the freshly colored beard and then all is well.

In closing I really hope this review and my two cents on application helps other men in getting great results and happiness. Again I can’t emphasize how important it is to try and avoid chemical-based or harsh cleansers around the application process. I imagine the color will also last much longer if a gentle cleanser or shampoo is used for daily washing as well. So gentlemen, those of you who try to go this natural route – have fun and best of luck!

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